vendredi 28 février 2014

If the PS3 remained hardware backward compatible

through its lifecycle, would we have seen devs using the PS2 chips as coprocessors? Or let me rephrase that: would that have been possible or did Sony discretely make that an impossibility? And if it's possible, would it have been viable or a dead end?

I think of Andy Gavin admitting Naughty Dog used the PS1's CPU as a coprocessor for the Jak and Daxters, against Sony's standards, and wonder about this.

UK Spying on various Camera feeds

Not sure whether anyone posted this already but...

UK spies on MILLIONS of Yahoo! webcams, ogles sex vids - report

Perfectly legal for us to watch your unencrypted steamy cam sessions, sniffs GCHQ

"The UK intelligence agency GCHQ started slurping photos from innocent netizens' camera feeds in 2008, The Guardian reported today. In just one six-month period alone, pics from 1.8 million Yahoo! users were pulled into government servers.

Blighty's hush-hush nerve-center was also said to have explored the possibility of intercepting footage from the Kinect camera for Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console as it generated "fairly normal webcam traffic."


CompuBench RS RenderScript Benchmark

Our baby steps in testing compute on Android.

Most results are CPU based - only few Adreno and Mali GPUs have partial acceleration for RenderScript.

So basically CompuBench RS is currently a highly parallel CPU benchmark.

All feedback are welcome!



(Why) does *SELECT Country* reject creative works from *SELECT other Country* spawn


I guess they dont have quite as much aversion to that series as they do most western games for some reason.

I know films better than games

So answer me this

when is the last time a japanese film was in the US top 10 box office, sure they make perhaps 1/10 of what the US does but taking that into consideration why are americans adverse to japanese films? The reverse happens often (US films in japanese boxoffice)

Myself from the 10 films Ive rated 10/10 on IMDB 2 are from japan