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Jquery recursive function providing wrong result

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I tried to build multilevel menu structure. For this i create a recursive function for making JSON with all menu option. But i am suffering from an anonymous problem within recursive function in jquery. my recursive function added elements multiple times.

Here is my sample code which describe my problem -



var main_menu_list = [];
  $('#div_menu_items ul#ul_main_container > li').each(function (i, z) {
     var menu_id = $(z).attr('menu_id');                    
     main_menu_list.push({"menu_id": menu_id});
     checkSubMenu(z, menu_id);

function checkSubMenu(obj, parent_menu_id) {
 if ($(obj).children('ul').length > 0) {
    if ($(obj).children('ul').find('li').length > 0) {
      $(obj).children('ul').find('li').each(function (j, el) {
            var menu_id = $(el).attr('menu_id');
            main_menu_list.push({"menu_id": menu_id});
                    checkSubMenu(el, menu_id);

For this sample html code alert following JSON [{"menu_id":"1"},{"menu_id":"3"},{"menu_id":"8"},{"menu_id":"8"}]. here you can see the result have menu id 8 multiple times. I am not able to understand why this is happened? Can any one help me to override this problem?

Thank you very much in advance...!!!

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Jquery recursive function providing wrong result

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