lundi 13 février 2017

MSDOS Batch Error: “( was not expected at this time”

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I'm doing a batch file to compile some dll, and well I have stuck on a simple but undetectable error...

Well, this is simple, I can't figure out why CMD is giving me this error, there is my code:

@echo off
::Call this in case your broke you dll and you cannot start Unity for example

goto :main

echo Hello, well, if you're opening this is because you have done something wrong and you cannot start Unity...
set /p opt="Do you want to read your path from the 'path.txt' file or do you want to specify? [Y/N] "
echo Also, this is optional but you can try to establish an order for the compilation.
echo 1.- Build the API
echo 2.- Build the RAW Scripts
echo 3.- Build the Editor API
set /p order="Type, for example: [2 1 3], to compile in this order, or the way you want: "

if /i "%opt%" == "Y" (
    for /f "delims=" %%f in ("project_path.txt") do (
        if "%%f" NEQ "" (
            call :callcompile "%%f" "%order%"
) else (
    if /i "%opt%" == "N" (
        set /p cpath="Path: "
        goto :callcompile "%cpath%" "%order%"
    ) else (
        goto :str
goto :EOF

cmd /c compile.bat "%~1" "%~2"

Maybe, I'm missing something, but I can't see any fail in my code, maybe because of my inexperience, anyway, help me to solve it, because I have enclosed all the conditions and everything that could be causing a trouble without luck.

Also, is there anyway to see the exact line where the error is causing the problem?

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MSDOS Batch Error: “( was not expected at this time”

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