lundi 13 février 2017

Sql accounting Algorithm

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I'm needing help to build an algorithm for calculating AgingIncome (at least that's what they're calling it). So we sell two different services (X and Y) for location A - Z. All of those sales come in and at the end of a month, I sum up by the type of service sold by location. For an example, Loc. A sold $100 worth of service X. I want to account a part of that over the period of 8 years. First year, I want to account for 36% of that $100, second year, 24%, 3rd year 12%, 4th year 8%, 5th year 7%, 6th year 6%, 7th year 5% and 8th year 2%. Since it's reported monthly, first year, first month would be 36/12=3% each month. Similarly, second year would be 24/12=2% per month and so on till the 8th year. Also, if on the second month, I sell another $100 worth of service A at the same location, my calculation changes and that new amount is added to the remainder. i.e. month 2 would be 6%..

My idea of it is, at the end of each month, calculate for each location and type of service combination and build a table that spreads over the 8 year period, then going forward, just update that for each location? Any help with coming up with an algorithm or ideas to solve this problem would be appreciated.


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Sql accounting Algorithm

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