lundi 13 février 2017

Use Docker Swarm or Kubernetes into VM

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I have some questions on usage of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, is it possible to use Docker Swarm through Docker Machine with remote hosts actually?

I tried without success I've saw on forums that generic driver of Machine doesn't work like it should.

I understand that generic driver is used for remote hosts and the others are for cloud and local virtual machine.

So I though to use Kubernetes, but it looks very difficult to use and I have not succeeded to do what I want.

The first problem with Kubernetes is that the application minikube can't be used in VM because it create its own virtual cluster, it's like with virtualbox driver on Docker Machine.

And like Machine I didn't arrive to connect to my hosts...

I work with VMs on VSphere on remote ESX, actually I can't install Kubernetes on ESX because I'm in internship but soon I'll be back at school and I'll have an ESX wich I will can administrate.

To conclude, must I use generic driver to connect to remote host ? Does Kubernetes do the same things that Machine and Swarm, is there changes ? And if I can do it do you have tutorials or clues to succed ?

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Use Docker Swarm or Kubernetes into VM

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