lundi 13 février 2017

Why am I unable to ssh to my Pi externally?

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I hope I'm asking this in the proper location. I am having trouble establishing an SSH connection to my Raspberry Pi 3 from outside my LAN. I have dynamic DNS setup using No-IP and it works perfectly for my Ubuntu 16.04 server. I have configured ufw to allow all incoming traffic to port 2224 and I have my router configured to forward traffic on external port 2224 to internal port 2224 at my Pi's static IP. The server that is working is setup the same way, except it is using port 2223. The only thing I changed in my sshd_config file is the port (2224). It's been rebooted multiple times and I have no problems connecting to it on the LAN from other devices. The router's logs also appear to be forwarding the port correctly, so it seems that it is an issue on the Pi itself. Also, I'm unable to even telnet to port 2224 from external (it just hangs and displays nothing). Also, /var/log/auth.log does not show any authentication attempts from a public IP.

If anyone could provide any advice on what I should do next, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Why am I unable to ssh to my Pi externally?

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