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Removing selected records after record selection crystal reports XI

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I have a report that the user enters the date range and the report returns every instance of a start of treatment for a patient in this period. I have set up the record selection of accept the user input to select records in that date range and as well as all starts 60 days earlier. This picks up if the start date is attached to an existing course. If the start is under the same course number I want the second start date to be ignored, expunged, etc. e.g. Course 123 J smith start 01/01/17 Course 123 J Smith start 03/01/17

I want this entry to show as J Smith start date of 01/01/17 I know I can do this with a simple grouping.

Here's the catch, once all of the patients are grouped, I want to then exclude all groups outside of the initial date range, i.e. without the 60 days added. That way the records displayed and counted would include all clients that started treatment in the given date range excluding those that appear under existing course numbers. Course numbers are unique 30 digit system generated serial numbers generated when the patient has their course.
Group selection using the original date range does not work as it removes the incorrect underlying record, i.e. the record with the first start date gets removed and the patient is counted as having started in the wrong period. I have used Next() function to attach a distinct identifier to flag the first instance of a multi-start course as valid, but I cant use it in the group selection formula because of the processing order of these functions is last. Even whileprinting records wont get around this.
I am very new to this and I am learning using online resources so a better approach may be what is called for. Any ideas?

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Removing selected records after record selection crystal reports XI

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