mardi 22 mars 2016

Typhoon DI framework produces "ambiguous reference" error

I am building an iOS app and using Typhoon framework for dependency injection. I currently have the framework included by source (ie. git submodule), and the Typhoon.framework is linked to my compiled binary. However, when I try to create my first assembly, I get the error Ambiguous reference to member 'withClass' which highlights the TyphoonDefinition class:

assembly function, with highlight shown

Looking at error details, I see these three "candidates" found. I'm lost as to why it thinks there are three different kinds of TyphoonDefinition, if that's indeed what this means:

enter image description here

Any ideas as to how to either (1) resolve the ambiguity, or (2) get more information about the "candidates", the error, or anything else?

Typhoon DI framework produces "ambiguous reference" error

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