mardi 7 avril 2015

Custom FontSize should accept string literals

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I'm trying to implement a custom control that derives from DatePicker. This control will have android and iOS renderers. I need to add FontSize property for this control which I will use in renderer classes.

Here is my implementation of the FontSize property:

public static BindableProperty FontSizeProperty = BindableProperty.Create<ExDatePicker, double>(o => o.FontSize, 16d, propertyChanged: OnFontSizeChanged);

public double FontSize
get { return (double)GetValue(FontSizeProperty); }
set { SetValue(FontSizeProperty, value); }

private static void OnFontSizeChanged(BindableObject bindable, double oldvalue, double newvalue)
var control = bindable as ExDatePicker;
if (control != null)
control.FontSize = newvalue;

What I need is ability to use this property in the same way as native FontSize properties works, i.e. I need to be able to set something like


in xaml code. Is it possible?

asked just now



Custom FontSize should accept string literals

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