mercredi 8 avril 2015

Is libhoudini Available for ARC on Chrome OS

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NDK binaries can work in ARC on Chrome OS.

(and there was much rejoicing)

However, many Android developers only ship ARM binaries, as the market penetration of x86 in phones and tablets is modest. This is helped by the presence of libhoudini on many x86 Android devices, which can run ARM NDK code on x86 CPUs, presumably using the same sort of opcode-translation-on-the-fly that the Android ARM emulator uses. It is slower than having native x86 binaries, but it is better than the app not being available at all.

What is the status of libhoudini (or equivalent technology) with respect to ARC apps on Chrome OS?

  • Is it guaranteed to be there, barring hardcore users messing up their Chrome OS environments?

  • Is it possible to be there, but not guaranteed (more or less the current x86-on-Android status)?

  • Is it not going to be available, so if you want your NDK-enabled Android apps to work on Chrome OS, you really really really want to ship ARM and x86 binaries with your app?

  • Is there some other option that I'm not thinking of that better reflects the current (and likely near future) state?

Personally, I'll ship both ARM and x86, but I'd like to know what advice to be giving developers on this issue in general.

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Is libhoudini Available for ARC on Chrome OS

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