mardi 21 avril 2015

Cannot get repository contents as .zip file (zipball) in

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I am using version 0.9.0 (GitHub API for .NET) for getting zip contents of few repositories.

I already have the list of repositories I need but I am having trouble with getting the the content of the repositories as .zip files (called zipball)

What I've tried so far

// ... client = new Client(...);
// some authentication logic...
// some other queries to GitHub that work correctly
var url = "";
var response = await this.client.Connection.Get<byte[]>(
        new Uri(url),
        new Dictionary<string, string>(),
var data = response.Body;
var responseData = response.HttpResponse.Body;

Problems with my attempts

  1. data is null
  2. responseData.GetType().Name says the responseData is of type string
  3. When I try Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(response.HttpResponse.Body.ToString()); I get invalid zip file


What is the correct way to get zipballs of repositories after being authenticated using library?

I've also opened an issue in repository.

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Cannot get repository contents as .zip file (zipball) in

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