lundi 20 avril 2015

TeamCity, TFS, and Labeling

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We are using TeamCity for continuous integration and TFS as our VCS. I am able to apply a label to a build using the VCS Labeling build feature. This works exactly as we expect it to but with one minor glitch that we can’t seem to figure out.

In the TFS source control explorer, I go to the top level of the project. From there I can select view history. On the view history I select the Labels tab. Here I see something like this.

Name    | User   | Date   |Changeset | Comment
MyLabel |username|datetime|12345     |TeamCity automatic label

This is all well and good except that the Changeset number is always the very first one that was ever done for this branch. Is there a way to configure the changeset setting? As a bonus, setting the comment would also be great.


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TeamCity, TFS, and Labeling

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