lundi 20 avril 2015

Why is S4 inheritance lost between environments?

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Suppose I have a class MyClass defined as follows:

    slots = c(message = "character"), 
    validity = function(object) { T })

If I create an instance of it, inherits works as expected:

myInstance <- new("MyClass", message = "Hello")

inherits(myInstance, "MyClass")


However, it doesn't work after I put the instance into an environment and bring it back again:

e <- new.env(hash = T, parent = emptyenv())

assign("MyInstance", myInstance, envir = e)

inherits(mget("MyInstance", envir = e), "MyClass")


But the data is still there:

mget("MyInstance", envir = e)

$MyInstance An object of class "MyClass" Slot "message": [1] "Hello"

How can I tell R to maintain my S4 classes even when saving and loading instances between environments?

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Why is S4 inheritance lost between environments?

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