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Javascript remove object from array with splice

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i knows that there's tons of examples answering to my question but i'm still having problem to do it:

Here's my data:

$ = [
        {name: 'Stephen', age: 50, dev: 'js', car: 'red', shoes:'green', happy:true, videoGame:[{isPlayer:true, console:'PS3'}]},
        {name: 'Stephen', age: 28, dev: 'angular', car: 'gold', shoes:'silver', happy:true, videoGame:[{isPlayer:false, console:'none'}]},
        {name: 'Adam', age: 43, dev: 'php', car: 'blue', shoes:'yellow', happy:true, videoGame:[{isPlayer:true, console:'XBOX'}]},
        {name: 'John', age: 27, dev: 'java', car: 'green', shoes:'black', happy:true, videoGame:[{isPlayer:true, console:'PC'}]},
        {name: 'Steve', age: 29, dev: 'ruby', car: 'white', shoes:'blue', happy:true, videoGame:[{isPlayer:false, console:'none'}]},
        {name: 'Pablo', age: 34, dev: 'java', car: 'pink', shoes:'red', happy:false, videoGame:[{isPlayer:true, console:'GAMEBOY'}]}
        {name: 'Walter', age: 56, dev: 'js', car: 'red', shoes:'green', happy:true},
        {name: 'Jessi', age: 27, dev: 'angular', car: 'gold', shoes:'silver', happy:true},
        {name: 'Arnold', age: 34, dev: 'php', car: 'blue', shoes:'yellow', happy:true},
        {name: 'Bill', age: 67, dev: 'java', car: 'green', shoes:'black', happy:true},
        {name: 'Josh', age: 21, dev: 'ruby', car: 'white', shoes:'blue', happy:true},
        {name: 'Sam', age: 31, dev: 'java', car: 'pink', shoes:'red', happy:false}

I want to remove in users the user who have the property videoGame with isplayer property set to false

Here's what i'm trying:

  $scope.removeNotPlayer = function(){
      for(var i=0; i<$; i++){
        if($[i].users.videoGame === false){
            $, 1);
      return $;

here's a link to a plunker:

Any help would be kind, i'm a beginner forgive my question please.

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Javascript remove object from array with splice

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