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copy values from pivot table to sheet in specific cell

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I have some data that is displayed in a pivot table, from that pivot table I currently copy and paste them in another table with the corresponding current day, with so many operation numbers it takes about 1hr to complete this process daily, I'm trying to make a macro in witch will help me in making this process in less time

this is the pivot table in witch I copy the data Pivot Table

and here is where I paste it (in this table I use it to create some graphs)

enter image description here

both tables consist of many different numbers of operation, as you can imagine this is very tedious.

Any help or ideas that can help me solve this is appreciated, I'm willing to try some other alternatives like fomulas, vba (preferred), even closedxml for c#

I dont know if im explaining my self? This is my logic. 1.-look for operation number 2.- Copy Sum of "Sx" 3.- Look in other sheet for the same operation number. 4.- Paste value in corresponding day. 5.- look for same operation number with next "Sx" ... 6.- End

Right now I'm just focusing on Operation1, since in Operation2 I use another sheet in witch I do the same thing. (will probably use the same code as Operation1).

  • To clarify I'm not asking for someone to just give me the solution (although it is appreciated ), but any guide on this is helpful.
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copy values from pivot table to sheet in specific cell

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