lundi 13 février 2017

cfgmgr32.h in Universal Windows

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I need to use SetupDiGetClassDevs function to communicate with HID device. But it's not possible in Universal Windows platform as SetupAPI.h is not supported.

So I found in MSDN about Porting code from SetupApi to CfgMgr32 which basically using CM_Get_Device_xx functions in CfgMgr32.h

However, in CfgMgr32.h, it defines #if WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION (WINAPI_PARTITION_DESKTOP | WINAPI_PARTITION_SYSTEM), and Universal Windows app is WINAPI_PARTITION_APP. So all the functions are inaccessible.

All the CM_Get_Device_xx functions' target platform is Universal though, according to MSDN

Does anyone have try out this in Universal Windows platform? Probably there is some pre-configuration in Project properties? Appreciate the help, thank you.

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cfgmgr32.h in Universal Windows

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