lundi 13 février 2017

Use Leiningen to build frontend with Gulp

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I have a pretty standard Ring application with some Compojure RESTfull endpoints. We also have a frontend application based on Polymer, Bower and Gulp. So I thought it would be nice to distribute this application in one package (which means having a build which will in the end produce a WAR file consisting of both backend and frontend part which can be uploaded anywhere without any other dependencies).

However I started to dig into the Leiningen and apparently there is no plugin which would support this need. So before I am gonna build something like that on my own, is there some other way how to do this? Or am I thinking about the problem in the wrong way?

P.S. The ultimate goal is to deploy application to AWS, I've done it already via elastic-beanstalk plugin and it seemd to me pretty smooth (just build the WAR, pass it to the plugin and it will take care about the rest).

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Use Leiningen to build frontend with Gulp

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