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create threaded class functions with arguments inside class

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I have an object of class AI, which has a private non static void function which has a lot of arguments: minmax(double& val,double alpha, double beta, unsigned short depth, board* thisTurn); because this is a very time intensive function I want to use a number of threads to run it concurrently, therefor I must create a thread with this function inside another function inside the AI class;

According toThis question to make threads inside member functions containing non static member functions wiht no arguments of said class, one must call:

std::thread t(&myclass::myfunc,this);

And according to this tutorial threads of fucntions with multiple arguments can be created as such:

std::thread t(foo,4,5) 

where the function 'foo' has 2 integer arguments

However I desire to mix these to things, to call a function which has arguments, which is also a non static member function, from inside the class that it is a member of, and i am not sure how to mix these to things.

I have off course tried (remember that it is inside a function inside the AI class):

std::thread t(&AI::minmax,val,alpha,beta,depth,thisTurn,,this);


std::thread t(&AI::minmax,this,val,alpha,beta,depth,thisTurn,this);

But both cases fails with a compile error like this:

error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'std::thread'
candidate constructor template not viable: requires single argument '__f', but
  7 arguments were provided

My question is therefor, if or if not, it is even possiple to -- from inside a member function of a class -- call a non static member function which has several arguments as a thread, and if this is the case, how it is done.

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create threaded class functions with arguments inside class

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