lundi 13 février 2017

Twilio "0.11.1" getmessages with "anchor" parameter not working

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We are migrating from javascript ipmessaging api version "0.1.5" to "0.11.1". We have been using "channel.getMessagesPaged" which is replaced by "channel.getMessages" in new javascript api.

Problem : The method call with passing parameter "anchor" has started failing now.

We tried to refer the following migration guide: The above link doesn't mention a changes in parameters for getMessages from getMessagesPaged.

Earlier, we have been passing the earliest message sid as the "anchor" value and keeping it same. We also followed the comments in un-minified(debug) version. (ref: releases/0.11.1/twilio-chat.js)

For your reference: * Returns last messages from channel * @param {String} [anchor] Most early message id which is already known, or 'end' by default

Every time, we are trying to call method getMessages() with anchor value, we are receiving following exception: "Invalid 'From' query parameter value. Expected an integer" Full exception for reference:

Please look at the screen-cast above and help us know if we are missing something here.

It would be great if you provide us some reference for this method with anchor value.

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Twilio "0.11.1" getmessages with "anchor" parameter not working

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