lundi 13 février 2017

specific successRedirect in passport.js with local strategy

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I have a question about successRedirecting in passport.authenticate. I'm using passport.js and local strategy in nodejs and express for user login and trying to make specific successRedirect route.

For example, if I log in with user id: gpaul(pretended to be successed logging in), then successRedirect route is wanted to be '?channel=gpaul'.

I made the code like below

var data_1 = {email:''};'/login',
  function (req,res,next){
    req.flash("email"); =;
  }, passport.authenticate('local-login', {
    successRedirect : ('/status.html?channel='+,
    failureRedirect : '/login',
    failureFlash : true

After implementing above code, the address comes out with blank , localhost:4000/?channel= from the console log it comes out correctly, but in successRedirect, it doesn't work at all..

Does anybody have any ideas for specific successRedirecting? Please help me out here..


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specific successRedirect in passport.js with local strategy

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