lundi 13 février 2017

Yarr slice usage

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I've been exploring the Data.Yarr Array library, as a possible replacement for some code I have in Repa. It seems fully featured, and the benchmarks - if correct suggest a performance improvement may be had.

I'm interested in the correct use of the slices function.

Say I had a 2D ForeignPtr backed matrix of Complex Floats, in row-major format

matrix2D :: UArray F L DIM2 (Complex Float)

How would I go about extracting a vector of slices of columns, and / or rows? Some type coercion seems in order to get slices to work.

A motivating example? Lets say I wish to permute the columns, multiply each element wise with another set of slices, then perform a 1D FFT on each slice.

I'm also interested in experience of the library, and examples, or other tips or observations on it, especially in comparison to Repa.

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Yarr slice usage

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