lundi 13 février 2017

Compile libusb library on Windows

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I am writing C++ application which will be using libusb library. This application will be working on both linux and windows systems. Currently I am preparing application for windows system. I downloaded compiled libusb library, and I am linking it to my application. I am also using mingw compilers. Unfortunately while linker creates exe file it complains about missing __ms_vsnprintf functions. I think the libusb library I am linking was compiled in environment which was using missing functions. In libusb repository (git:// I found in file INSTALL_WIN, that I can build libusb using Visual Studio or Windows DDK/WDK. Unfortunately I can't install it. I also noticed, in root libusb directory there are some build linux scripts. Is there some other way to build libusb library without Visual Studio but only with mingw compilers?

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Compile libusb library on Windows

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