lundi 13 février 2017

Content-only Nuget package fails to restore content

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I've created a content-only Nuget package that adds a text file to the project it's installed into. I checked in the project without the text file as I want it to be restored during nuget restore. All is well until the CI machine tries to restore the package. The restore succeeds but the text file is not added. Apparently, nuget thinks that the text file already exists since there is a reference to it in the project file.

How do I get nuget to restore the text file?

Essentially, the behaviour I want is the same as with DLL files: when a package is installed, references to DLLs are added to the project; when the package is restored, DLLs are restored to satisfy the references in the project file. I want the same behaviour but for text files. Is this possible?

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Content-only Nuget package fails to restore content

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