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External Logins with Facebook, Google etc

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I am building an Authentication platform which also enables users to login with External OAuth providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github. I used OpenID connect to authenticate users through these providers. But my question is How does this work ? To be more detailed;

  1. User comes to my website and he tries to access some resources.
  2. He will be redirected to a login page which has username and password along with options to login from Google, Facebook etc.
  3. User choses to login from Google then he is redirected to Google login page, There he enters username and password and accepts Consent.
  4. He is redirected back to redirect uri i specified which is an API in my code.

My Questions are :

  1. What i need to do in that API, Do i have to create a user in my database on first time? Do i have to create user claims returned from Google for that user?
  2. I have seen a table called UserLogins in Microsoft Identity. Is that table for External logins ? This table has UserId column. So this table has foreign key of Users Table.

  3. Can a user have multiple external logins along with local login ?

  4. Any working sample on External logins with persistent layer?

Thanks for your help!!

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External Logins with Facebook, Google etc

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