samedi 28 juin 2014

How can I apply a matrix transformations to a path programatically?

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Is that possible to apply a transformation to a path? for example this svg file with a matrix transformation is ok to view it in any bowser but when I want to animate the path it doesn't apply the transformation and only animates the original svg:

<svg xmlns="" width="744.094" height="1052.362">
<desc>Created with Snap</desc>
<g transform="matrix(-0.0484,-0.6546,0.6546,-0.0484,-128.0688,464.2113)">
<path d="M214.04 312.141c4.326-8.386 ... 4.459 4.459" stroke="#000" fill="none">

How can I in apply the transformations to the path programatically and solve this problem?

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