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Swagger is showing _ebean_intercept with everymodel in my play application

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I am integrating swagger into my play application. It works fine. ( Play 2.2 + swagger 1.3.3 )

Although for every model it adds a field which I need to hide

Classification { id (integer, optional), type (string, optional), shortCode (string, optional), active (boolean, optional), _ebean_intercept (EntityBeanIntercept, optional) }

I created a custom converter in Scala ( My app is written in Java by the way )

class IgnoreConverter extends SwaggerSchemaConverter {
override def skippedClasses: Set[String] = Set("com.avaje.ebean.bean.EntityBeanIntercept")
override def ignoredClasses: Set[String] = Set("com.avaje.ebean.bean.EntityBeanIntercept")
override def ignoredPackages: Set[String] = Set("com.avaje.ebean")

I am adding this converter when the Play app is loaded via

public void onStart(Application application) {"Registering custom converter");
//HideModelConverter converter = new HideModelConverter();
IgnoreConverter converter = new IgnoreConverter();

ModelConverters.addConverter(converter, true);

Still no luck.

Can someone give me some ideas where I should look ?

How can I hide fields, classes, packages from Swagger's from introspection ? Why is Swagger ignoring my converter ?

Thanks for any help

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