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How can I change a PHP variable with an input form?

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I have sets of arrays that each have a value attributed to them. This value goes through a function to find a percentage then it is displayed on the page. Here's a snippet of that code:

$balls = array(
'blue' => 4,
'red' => 13,
'green' => 5

function percent($array, $element)
$total = array_sum($array);
$elementValue = $array[$element];
return ($elementValue / $total) * 100;

Blue balls per set:<?php echo $balls["blue"]; ?>.
Percentage of blue balls:<?php echo percent($balls, 'blue'); ?>%.

How do I add an input form that could change this equation around. Specifically, I want to be able to add a variable ($sets) that would multiply the values of the array items before they are summed up.

The closest thing I can think of is something like this:

$sets = value from input form, if no value entered, default as 1

$balls = array(
'blue' => 4 * $sets,
'red' => 13 * $sets,
'green' => 5 * $sets

The rest of the equation would work as usual, but be updated with the new value from $sets as submitted in the input form. Also, would such a thing update the numbers displayed on the webpage instantly?

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