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Sockets to read file?

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This was prompted by this question: OS.File check last modified date before

I read that it might be wiser to use sockets to read files?

In my addon, every time the user clicks the PanelUI-popup button at top right, the new one in Australis, my add-on does a on the profiles.ini file to look for any changes. I do not even do OS.File.stat like in topic I linked above. And there is absolutely no performance issues from what I'm seeing. I have a computer from 2k4, Pentium 4, I notice any performance issues visually.

But I was waiting for a file watcher service, which is in the works right now at bugzilla. But I thought what is sockets? I searched SO but it didn't yield anything I understood they all seem to open to internet not to local file. (

Can sockets be used to watch a file for changes?

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