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Insert VBA sub into Excel Worksheet

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Good day,

I am using Excel 2013 and I would like to hide and unhide my Sheets as I work with them. I spent some time Googling around and found plenty of ancient posts on forums about adding VBA to modules, but that's not quite what I'm looking for.

On a main page where I spend most of my time using data, I have a button that shows a UserForm with a list of sheets in a ListBox. I choose the Sheet from the ListBox, hit OK, and it runs the following;

Private Sub OKButton_Click()
ThisWorkbook.Sheets(JobListBox.value).Visible = xlSheetVisible
Unload Me
End Sub

I would like it so when I have my new sheets created via VBA, I can populate the sheet with the following subroutine;

Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate()
Me.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End Sub

If anyone can let me know how I can make a Subroutine to insert this code into my sheets, I would greatly appreciate it.

PS: My fallback method is to, of course, just copy/paste the code manually... But I would prefer to automate it if possible.

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Insert VBA sub into Excel Worksheet

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