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Jquery File upload without using FormData

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I am struggling with uploading a file through an ajax form without using FormData. FormData isn't an option because the form contains credit card info that I am tokenizing with a third party and I don't want the CC info submitted to my backend.

I did see this question, which I have used as a starting point, but I'm fairly new to jQuery and struggling with implementation.

I am not getting a submittal of the var file at all, but everything else works great. Am I not collecting the file correctly or am I not bringing it into scope the right way?

My upload.js file:

var file;
$("#file").on("change", function(){
var file = this.files[0],
filename = this.files[0].name;
filesize = this.files[0].size;
//calling alert(file) provides a response of [object file]

function handleResponse(response) {
// fires if credit card info is successfully tokenized
if (response.status_code === 201) {

var fundingInstrument = != null ?[0] : response.bank_accounts[0];

//rest of the form inputs
var name = $('#name').val();
var contact_name = $('#contact_name').val();
var cell = $('#cell').val();
var address_1 = $('#address_1').val();
var city = $('#city').val();
var state = $('#state').val();
var zip = $('#zip').val();
var tax = $('#tax').val();

//trying to bring file var in scope
var file = file;

// ajax .post'/contractors/edit', {
uri: fundingInstrument.href,
name: name,
contact_name: contact_name,
cell: cell,
file: file,
address_1: address_1,
city: city,
state: state,
zip: zip,
tax: tax,
file: file,
}, function(r) {
// Check backend response
if (r.status === 200) {...

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Jquery File upload without using FormData

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